emilie croning

of ourselves

Of Ourselves

presented by Wedge Curatorial Projects
Curated by Emilie Croning and Hannah Traore

February 1 - 24, 2018 at The Gladstone Hotel

Of Ourselves will explore the complexities of the Black experience and identity referencing African-American writer and activist, W.E.B. DuBois’ concept of ‘double consciousness’, a notion that explores the idea that people of colour have two identities - one that they feel is true to themselves and one that the judgement of the outside world has imposed upon them. Struggling to consolidate these two identities can often cause a skewed self-image. The show will illuminate how young Black artists see their own community, putting the power of portrayal in the hands of those being portrayed.

Toronto-based photographers Yannick Anton, Curtiss Randolph, Nathalia Allen, and Neva Wireko, will engage audiences with their perspectives on Black life through photo-based works. From capturing joy and energy to introspective representation, each artist will contribute to a space of conversation and insight.
The show aims to question existing stereotypes by presenting real narratives and real experience.

A Wedge Curatorial Project supported by TD Bank, and The Gladstone Hotel.

Opening Launch Party // Friday, February 2nd // 7-10pm
After Party // from 10pm
Panel Discussion // Friday, February 9th// 6-9pm
A discussion with artist and social activist, Syrus Marcus Ware; photo editor and emerging curator, Liz Ikiriko; and urban planner and co-founder of Ciinema, Craig Cal. Moderated by scholar and curator Isolde Brielmaier.
Artist Talk // Tuesday, February 20th// 7-9pm

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