emilie croning


108 hours in Austin


October 12 - 16, 2017.

Made my first trip to Austin to visit my OG. It was my first time back in Texas after having lived there in 2003. One thing that hasn't changed? The lack of sidewalks... there was one thing I remembered distinctly from my short time in Dallas - and that was it. Of course, the first evening there I got bitten by some random bugs (still don't know what they were to this day) that put a tiny damper in our weekend based on their severity, BUT we had a good time nonetheless. The friday we went the Austin City Limits festival - walked around, drank, overheated. The saturday we got our nails done, went out for dinner, hit up the "dirty 6th", and spent the night at a motel by the airport. The sunday we went to brunch, walked around south congress, and ended our night with trivia with her friends from work at a bar. 

Emilie Croning