emilie croning


Birthday wishes

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Almost a month has gone by since my 24th birthday and after a hell of a year, I wanted to take a moment to make a few promises to myself. I want to be able to look forward to the year ahead confidently, and in strides.

So here's what I promise my 24 year old self:

1. To try not to spread myself thin
2. To take a moment to reflect on the good days
3. To not be hard on myself on the bad ones
4. To Take time for myself, for my relationship, for my family, for my friends
5. To shoot more and refocus on my art
6. To write more
7. To read more
8. To travel to at least 2 new places
9. To apply to a grant
10. To make more prints
11. To learn to love myself more
12. To not be so hard on myself
13. To communicate
14. To share
15. To breathe
16. To remember to, at times, put myself first
17. To self care
18. To reconnect
19. To give myself more credit
20. To be proud of my accomplishments
21. To motivate myself
22. To be okay to feel lost
23. To educate myself
24. To continue to be grateful

Emilie Croning