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It's been a couple of weeks since the end of the exhibition and I'm just coming down from the high.  This experience has tested my confidence, my .. and especially, my patience. 

Will people like it? Is there enough art? - were only some of the questions coursing through our heads throughout conception of the exhibition. And come the opening night, the question of whether people would show up was another. But boy was I wrong. 

I remember my heart racing when the clock hit 7:00pm on the opening night as the first people started trickling in, but as the night progressed (and for every familiar face that walked in), my body began to feel more at ease. Opening night was an absolute success. People had trouble navigating through the space, which is great in terms of turnout - not so great when it comes to viewing the art. But in the moment, just seeing how many people came to support us had us over the moon. The night ending with a more dance-y/clubby feel in the Gladstone's ballroom, where the DJ was F***ING fantastic. 

As for the other programming surrounding the show, winter stepped in and interfered with some of the turnout, but nothing that we couldn't work with. Our panel discussion focused on the position of people of colour in the art world, a conversation between artist and activist, Syrus Marcus Ware; curator, Liz Ikiriko; and urban planner and the founder of Ciinema, Craig Cal. Moderated by Isolde Brielmaier - who might I add, kicks ass and should moderate every talk. 

Finally, the artist talk. The last hurrah before we took down the show. A true test to my capabilities of public speaking. The talk was lead by Hannah and I, and was surprisingly the first time the both of us, and the artists, were able to sit in the same room and talk about the show. If I'm completely honest, I kind of blacked out right after it happened and couldn't tell you how I think it went since during the whole thing I was thinking about the flow of the conversation and not necessarily what exactly what we were talking about (if that makes any sense). 

Oh and did I mention that we got a write-up in NOW magazine??


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I couldn't ask for a better experience. Despite a couple ups and downs here and there, a few panic attacks later... we made it out alive.  

Thank you to Wedge Curatorial Projects (Ken). Thank you to Lukus Toane & Christina Ziedler, and the rest of the Gladstone team. Thank you to Hannah, for being such an amazing partner. Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support us throughout this journey. 

Emilie Croning