emilie croning




After months of having these photographs taken and at my disposal. The time to produce my first photo book has come. I shot this series with my grandmother in mind, and brought this series to life just in time for her birthday in the form of a book. The linen bound cover reads "sunday dinner", dedicated to long lasting tradition weekend meals spent at my nana's with the family. Roasted chicken, rice and peas, plantain. 

The images capture the details of her house that have remained to same for as long as I can remember. From the burner covers decorated with fruit, to the drawn family portrait of my mother, her brother, sister, and parents... the only visually representation of my late grandfather in the house, beyond my nana's bedroom. 

I gifted her the book on her birthday right after the annual KFC pigout (the only time any of us eat it, but it's one of the things she looks forward to when her birthday comes) - a drumstick, with a side of fries, and a coke. 

Nana's - series 12.jpg

She loved it. I was nervous, but seeing her go through the pages and point out the details that I have engrained in my memory, made that all go away. She would point out certain objects and tell us the story behind it - like where she got the unoriginal (and tacky), key holder labeled appropriately for its function.

She went through the book 3 times during our visit, and I can just picture her going through it many more after we left.

Emilie Croning